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Letter of Value

Certificate of Value

Letter of Value (Certificate of Value)

Select the applicable category and attributes below to price your Letter of Value/Certificate of Value Appraisal Report.
Indicate how many additional buildings are to be included in the real estate value (Do not include primary structure, only additional buildings)$0.00
Mileage fees are calculated from one of the following 2 locations:

Kenai Main Office:

140 Bidarka Ave, Kenai, AK 99611

Matanuska-Susitna Valley Extension Office:

4900 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654

The first 25 miles from either of our office locations is included in the base fee. If you know, or suspect that your property is located further than 25 miles from either of our offices, you need to calculate that distance and enter it in the field below the maps labeled: "Additional Mileage Fee". Mileage fees will be checked prior to the site inspection to verify accuracy. Use either of the 2 embedded maps below to help calculate your distance from our offices:

Kenai Office:

Wasilla Extension Office:
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    • A letter of value is considered an appraisal, but it only includes the minimum legally required information to explain the scope of work and value conclusion. The value opinion indicated in the letter will be supported by market data and appraisal principles and procedures, but none of that supporting data will be included in the narrative report of the letter. This option is often very useful for private party transactions or preliminary asset portfolio investment decisions. The letter itself is not able to be used in most lending situations, nor is it sufficient in its presentation of supporting data to constitute as an acceptable appraisal report for IRS purposes. Typically a letter of value will be 2-5 pages in length. In order to verify the credibility of the value conclusion, Rikrland requires that a minimum of two approaches to value will be considered and developed (undisclosed) to produce the fair market value opinion. A more accurate value determination can be reached by developing all three approaches, and is recommended. Completed report will be uploaded in a pdf to our secure client login portal on our website. See options for printed reports. Pricing varies by numerous factors and starts at $250. Base price is for an extended or long turn time (completion date from site visit inspection), within 25 miles of our Kenai or Wasilla office, on a maintained road. The product is available with other options and add-ons by calling or emailing our main office.