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Real Estate Appraisals

Appraisals are our specialty. We can tailor our appraisal product to your needs. Need a credible market value of your property to help determine if you should list it for sale or seek financing? Our Abbreviated Appraisal Report could be right for your situation.  Want to know more about the current market and what real estate trends might be affecting your property?  We can provide a comprehensive report or market study.

While most real estate appraisals are utilized to determine the fair market value as of the current date, we can complete appraisals with different parameters. A few examples include:

  • Retrospective value (value as of a date in the past)
  • Liquidation/short sale/disposition value
  • Value in Use/Going Concern

In addition, we can analyze numerous different bundles of rights. Common right bundles include:

  • Fee simple estate
  • Leased fee interest
  • Leasehold interest
  • Sub-leasehold interest

Contact us today and allow us to help you tailor a specific appraisal package to fit your unique needs.

Market, Advanced Analysis, Feasability Studies

Not sure if it’s the right time to build? Not sure which property type or mix?  Let us complete a market study for you today.  Whether you are looking at one specific area or trying to pinpoint the right area out of several locations, our market analysis will give you the tools to make the right decisions.

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Review Services

Have some questions about an appraisal completed for you? Not sure if the appraisal or study was as accurate as you had hoped? Did your lender assign a less qualified or lowest bidder appraisal company? Have you fallen prey to the AMC diluted accuracy plague? Let our highly trained appraisers complete an appraisal review.  We offer two levels of appraisal review: Level 1 – a USPAP compliance review and Level 2 – a complete USPAP and valuation review.

Aircraft Services

Aircraft can be complicated to value accurately. We specialize in using proper appraisal techniques with confirmed Alaskan sales. Location matters, and Alaskan mods matter as well. Our Inspection Authorized, Airframe and Power-plant certificated Aircraft Appraiser has 24 years of experience in the aviation industry. Be wary of aircraft appraisers who use a florida based software program and have never actually worked outside a cockpit in the industry. Experience as a mechanic, pilot, and aircraft builder coupled with decades of experience in aircraft records and FAA compliance has uniquely qualified our Appraiser above others. Call today and see if we can help your unique aircraft valuation needs. *Other aviation/aircraft services may be available on request.


Next Steps...

Our highly qualified team of appraisers and researchers specialize in solving complex valuation problems. Give us a call today and let us put our skills to work solving your valuation needs!